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Solar Photovoltaic

Our offerings include solutions for almost all the manufacturing stages of Solar Photovoltaics like High-throughput and high-efficiency Czochralski furnaces for growing silicon ingots in wafer manufacturing, Equipment for the Ingot to wafer, wafer to cell conversion.

IMC INDIA Solar Photovoltic

Cable & Wire Processing

We offer cable & wire processing solutions for all major technology sectors like Automotive, E-Mobility, Aerospace & Defence, Medical, Telecommunication, Renewable Energy, and so on. With state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment that offers superior process reliability, repeatability, and accuracy, we also ensure a minimum cost of ownership and operation.

Electronics & Semiconductor

We had started our journey with Electronics & Semiconductor in India by being the first to manufacture an electronic calculator and bring Gold Wire Bonding machines in India. Since then we have introduced innovative technologies to Indian manufacturers. Our offerings for the semiconductor industry include

Defense & Aerospace

Promoting the Make In India movement for the Indian Defense Industry, we offer various technological solutions to enhance Indian defense manufacturers’ capabilities. Our offerings include


For the medical industry, we offer modular tube processing machines for manufacturing of Catheter tubes, endotracheal tubes, serological tubes, etc. with the ability to process different materials and profiles.


We are entering into the era of electrified vehicles, and technology to manufacture affordable electric vehicles for the mass market is of prime importance. We offer a complete Automation solution for manufacturing
IMC INDIA E-Mobility

Special Products

For automotive manufacturers, we offer high-tech AOI systems to inspect weld seams and surface of Axle components, Car bodies, Powertrains components, etc. AOI systems for inspection of  read more

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Always in search of excellent manufacturing technologies, established in 1975, we have been representing global technology developers, offering the best solutions in their class and field of operations. We provide manufacturing technologies for Solar PhotoAutomotive, Cable & Wire Processing, Electronics & Semiconductor, Aerospace & Defense, Medical, E-Mobility (Electric Vehicles), Railways, Automotive & other sectors. Global technology developers prefer us  to represent their interest in the Indian market. We provide complete pre and post-sales support to customers in India with highly qualified and well-trained engineers. With our headquarters in Mumbai, we reach customers nationally through our presence in Delhi, Bengaluru, and Pune. We have a large base of satisfied and repeat customers nationally which include private, PSUs, laboratories, and academic institutions.