IMC offers consultancy services for

For Solar Photovoltaic Manufacturers IMC provides Complete Integrated Solutions

Wafer manufacturing

Solar Cell manufacturing

Module manufacturing

Our Services


  • Service offered as presale counseling to IMC customers. IMC studies the complete process/assemblies and suggests to the customer the equipment's configuration best suited to meet volume and quality requirements considering the level of automation required by the customer along with equipment layout suggestions and facility recommendations.

  • IMC’s Process expertise gained through continuous exposure to varying customer line configuration and difficult-to-solve process problems is utilized by our clients to increase the line yields and utilize the equipment optimally. Process yield improvements after studying customers’ major areas of concern to increase overall throughput.

  • IMC also helps to establish relationships with leading-edge strategic customers to help you with your requirements of PCB redesigning, Identify spare machine capacities and deal with unique and advanced assembly requirements.

IMC helps the customer with proper recommendations for the Product calibration/upgrades/retrofit as applicable for product performance/features enhancements.

IMC can provide equipment based onsite-training on the products for Basic Machines operations and maintenance. IMC can also offer advanced-level training to the customers as per request.


Following are the levels of support available for customers to choose from