About the company

For thirty years Cirris has specialized in cable and harness testing by offering our products and knowledge to companies across the globe. Ambition and a desire to serve customers have placed cable testers in the hands of thousands of customers on every continent (including Antarctica). People all over the world rely on Cirris when they test cables that help drive cars, heal patients, defend soldiers, even launch satellites. Cirris is proud of our part in helping the world progress toward safety and discovery.

Cirris test equipment analyzes cables and harnesses in thousands of products and applications. Whether it’s your phone, your car, your doctor’s medical devices, or even shuttles in outer space, Cirris makes sure every wire can be trusted.

Cirris strives to ensure that the cables, wires, and harnesses in your devices are tested on quality products to guarantee functionality and accuracy. Whether you are just testing the cables or using the end product, you deserve the peace of mind that comes with good cables, wires, and harnesses.

Technology Offerings

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Cable & Wire Processing

Cable Wire Harness Tester

Easy-Touch Pro High Voltage Cable Tester

4250 High Voltage Cable Tester

4200 Low Voltage Cable Tester

CH2 High Voltage Cable & Harness Tester

CR Low Voltage Cable & Harness Tester

NT 700 Extreme High Voltage Tester 600VDC/5000VAC

NT 800 Extreme High Voltage Distributed Tester 600VDC/5000VAC